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Specialising in energy procurement and energy solutions for all your business requirements

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Specialising in Multi-site and Green Energy – Click the blue down arrow for more information.

Electricity Procurement

We have access to the whole market and are able to offer bespoke, standard fixed, fully fixed, pass through, energy only, basket and flexible pricing on contracts out to the end of curve (as far into the future as the supplier allows). We take our clients through an identification process and assess their appetite for risk in price fluctuations, this helps determine the best type of contract structure to suit their business needs. We are very flexible towards our client’s requirements and we will guide, educate and advise our clients as a standard practice.


Gas Procurement

We offer full gas procurement services, which also include a whole of market approach and various contract options. Similar to our approach with electricity, we will take our clients through our internal process to understand what type of contract will work best for their business.

Document and Contract Management

For you as our client we will generate the correct contract paperwork for you for the chosen supplier, ensure that it is perfectly prepared, send it to you for signing then submit it on your behalf to the supplier you selected. We will then track and ‘lock in’ your deal. We check the contract goes live on the correct date for every single meter and then during the term we monitor the contract and take all the problem solving from you with our included support. Finally, well in advance of the end date, we continue to support you as we review and prepare your next contract, ensuring that it will run consecutively and seamlessly. Full Power is your trusted energy partner, we know clients have differing needs and we treat you individually, making your life smooth and freeing you to concentrate on your work.

Energy Efficiency

Full Power can assess your usage and audit your efficiency, identifying cost cutting where possible, advising on KVA pricing and amendment. The installation of efficiencies from light bulbs to new boilers can be organised, along with insulation programmes. Finance options can be provided that are off balance sheet. Talk to our team of brokers to see how they can help your business.


The water market was deregulated in 2017, allowing clients to choose their water supplier in the same way as choosing your electricity supplier. Guiding clients through this field with our expertise offers more cost savings and is simple and flexible. Full Power provides the service, support and implementation to give smooth, professional execution.


We are a specialist in multi-site portfolios, which require extra management as they are a quite intricate and require full analysis. They tend to need one common end date for the entire portfolio, perhaps bespoke payment terms, universal prices and fixed or flexible price structures. All of these are within our skill set and more besides. Please contact us for more information.

Green Energy

Non-renewable energy comes from sources that are finite and cannot be naturally replenished in a human timescale i.e. coal, oil, natural gas. Renewable energy covers all electricity generated from sources that can be either by spontaneous generation like wind, solar, hydro or geothermal power, or generated from sources that can be renewed naturally and quickly, such as biomass, biogas and wood pellet. Under the heading of renewable electricity, Green power is very specific and only generated from resources with a zero or near-zero carbon footprint, such as solar, wind, and geothermal. There is a growing market for power from true green sources and there are suppliers that specialise in that area of the market. In some cases there is no price difference. If this is relevant, and especially if you value Corporate Social Responsibility credentials(CSR) ...Please contact us for more information.

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