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About Full Power

Specialising in energy procurement and energy solutions for all your business requirements

Full Power Utilities

We are an established, independent, whole of market energy consultancy. We offer competitive procurement for any SME, Mid-Market and Corporate businesses and are recognised in the industry as ‘Premier’ Brokers.

What we do and why we do it

Our teams of professional Energy Consultants along with their supporting Client Services team, ensure expertise and in-depth knowledge of the industry and our Energy Consultants offer a fully consultative and advisory service.
We believe that it is “our recommendations but the client’s decision” and our job is to source and negotiate the most appropriate and competitive contracts for our clients and back that up with the ultimate customer service experience.
Full Power Utilities are highly respected by the suppliers and all the related industry bodies. We are often contenders for various industry awards, with one of our brokers having previously won the energy industry 'Sales Consultant Of The Year' award.

What we believe in

Maintaining their belief in doing the very best for their clients, owners Mark, Dawn and David along with CEO Paul have built Full Power Utilities into the Premier Brokerage it is today, earning the respect of the energy industry and the loyalty of the company's valued clients. They continue to raise the profile of Full Power Utilities within the industry and beyond. It has been and always will be fundamental to the business that integrity, trust and respect remain at the heart of the company.

Our Core Values

Good teamwork is essential for delivering high performance at Full Power. We believe by following a defined set of principles we enhance our performance and enable mutual support and learning which generates commitment. 

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