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Specialising in energy procurement and energy solutions for all your business requirements.

Energy Procurement & Consultancy Services

We work with clients in all areas of cost-reduction, account servicing, siteworks, energy management & compliance. We have achieved millions of pounds worth of savings through understanding our clients' needs and delivering our experience. Our service consists of reviewing your current costs, how you're set up and what your requirements are whilst we formulate the best course of action moving forward. We start with procurement and then move on to servicing your account through on-going support throughout our relationship together.

We receive an introduction commission from your selected Supplier and this is incorporated into the price quoted. You pay the supplier directly for the energy contract and they pass our commission on to us. This commission is typically based upon an uplift and your actual consumption and is only paid to us once bills are settled with the supplier.  You benefit from not only our experience, expertise, help, advice and market information but also from us handling the full procurement process for you from the start and for providing support throughout your contract term.

  • Budget analysis and reporting
  • Market guidance and market testing
  • Common end date contracts
  • OJEU Public Tenders
  • Credit negotiations
  • Portfolio management
  • Energy only and pass-through contracts
  • Procurement strategies
  • Fixed procurement
  • Renewable Energy Certificates
  • Flexible procurement
  • Risk management
  • Instant procurement
  • Tariff analysis
  • Levy Exemption Certificates (PP10/PP11)
  • True green, Renewable and Brown contract options

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