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Leased Lines

Don’t let slow speeds hold you back! Get access to out-of-this-world connectivity that will meet the needs of your business and exceed your expectations. We offer fast and reliable leased lines for businesses in the UK at discounted prices.


Dedicated connectivity with a leased line from Full Power

Do you need superfast dedicated connectivity with high capacity and rock-solid performance? Our business leased lines deliver the ultimate connection! Boasting upload and download speeds of up to 10Gbps they give you a faster service at a competitive price and backed with unrivalled support from a market leader.



Why Choose Full Power for Leased Lines?


  • A dedicated internet connection between your office and a local exchange
  • We deliver the highest quality UK based support with guaranteed fix times
  • Faster speeds than any other connection - we offer up to 10Gbps!
  • Your own dedicated Data account manager
  • Flexible and scalable

Need a boost?

Get up to 10Gbps!

For growing businesses that need faster speeds or higher bandwidth our leased lines are completely reliable and flexible. We can upgrade your lines with more power, speed and capacity for rocket-powered performance.

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