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Full Power Bureau Services

Specialising in energy procurement and energy solutions for all your business requirements

Bill Validation

The Full Power bespoke bill validation service ensures the client is only billed for the energy & water they use and at the rates that have been agreed on the contract. It also provides a great tool to assist with the monitoring of energy efficiency. The bill validation service re-calculates every single element of the invoice to ensure errors are highlighted and challenged. Full Power will then work on behalf of the client to recover amounts due.

  • Budgeting
  • Bespoke reporting
  • Energy data analysis
  • Landlord vacant tenant management

Energy Reporting

Energy Reporting onitoring and Targeting is simple yet powerful. It is a structured approach to identifying inefficient performance and eliminating waste; monitor what you manage, relate it to the independent variables that influence your energy consumption and set realistic targets.

Full Power work closely with clients to provide detailed reports according to a wide variety of requirements and frequencies:

Compliance Solutions

Increasingly, energy consumers and facing environmentally linking reporting obligations. Often these are seen as a burden, when in reality, with the right help, they can be beneficial if approached strategically. The Full Power strategic energy compliance service is designed to not only ensure you understand, meet and stay compliant to your obligations but wherever possible you also benefit from thes processes.

Tenant Billing

We assist landlords, managing agents, property agents and estate managers with the recharging of the electrcity, gas and water costs. For details about our services, benefits and solutions click here:

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