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Net Zero

Understanding your carbon footprint and off-setting your usage to become net zero. Full Power are here to help, working together for a brighter future.

Net zero is about achieving a balance between the amount of greenhouse gas emissions produced and the amount removed from the atmosphere.

The UK have put legislation in place stating that businesses with 250 employees or £36m turnover or £18m of balance sheet assets have to report annually on their carbon emissions. Although this has not been agreed for smaller businesses It is very likely that this legislation will eventually come into effect and we can help.

The benefit of going net zero is to make your business more profitable and sustainable. By committing to this initiative and working with Full Power and our newest partner you can:

  • Measure Your carbon footprint
  • Carbon footprint transparency, showing customers your commitment to climate change
  • Certify and benchmark your carbon footprint
  • Evidence your sustainability

If you are a micro business or SME and you don’t know how to start on your pathway to net zero, let us help guide you through the process.

The FNZ Standard Powered by CBN Expert

We have teamed up with future Net Zero and CBN (Carbon) Expert to provide you with their platform, the FNZ Standard Powered by CBN Expert to enable you to establish a carbon footprint benchmark to aim for. They provide an easy-to-use dashboard that allows SMEs to measure and breakdown their carbon footprint and take positive action. By tracking and reporting your progress you can attain the FNZ Standard. Full Power can work with you and advise how to reduce your carbon footprint. The advantage of using this simple yet effective platform is, that by inputting your business data, it can calculate your output and in turn provide you with the tools to achieve carbon net zero.

CBN founder James Napier explains: "Being Net Zero is now a legally binding commitment for all companies. Therefore targeting Net Zero now ensures that your business is future proofed and able to be commercially strong as the world transitions to Net Zero."

Future Net Zero

The road to carbon neutral

If your company has a sustainability agenda, the electrification of your car and van fleet can deliver environmental, economic and social benefits. The switch to EVs can make a huge impact in helping your business fulfil its pledges on using renewables and delivering measurable environmental benefits. Based on our assessment of how you use your existing fleet – and our in-depth knowledge of available EVs – we can help you make the right vehicle selection. We will ensure our advice minimises disruption to your operations and maximising the cost and environmental benefits you’ll receive. This is a migration we will all need to make and in our opinion it is critical that Businesses and Block Management Companies start to understand what they need to do now and take action as soon as possible. By bringing forward the deadline to 2030 the need to act is NOW!

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