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Full Power Utilities = No Cold Calling

Our industry is beset with cold calling tactics when it comes to business development. In 2010, Full Power decided that the world of cold calling was not a professional way for us to source our clients and we took steps to move away from this much-derided method.
To do this, Full Power set about developing the sourcing of our business on the more ethical and acceptable basis of gaining business by introductions and personal referral.  We started developing our IA Programme in 2010 and after only 2 years we had completed the transition away from cold calling. Our reach is now UK-wide with over 1,400 IA's and strategic partners across the UK, whereby Full Power is presented to a variety of potential clients by individuals and organisations, whom they have already come to trust and who trust us to look after their contacts and business associates with care and respect. 

The IA Programme is a valuable source of income for our IA's, some of whom are only occasional introducers and some who have chosen to make a career of it. Our chosen method of reaching clients this way is ethical and professional and it creates a warmer, more familiar way of doing business, based on the standards and values we also cherish the most … trust and respect.
If you have the capability and opportunity to introduce us to some or all of your trusted business relationships, we will happily discuss our generous, repeating commission structure with you. We will treat your introductions with the upmost care and attention, as we understand that it is not just our reputation on the line, it is also your reputation with your contacts. We do not expect any of our IA's to become energy brokers in any way - we ask only for a warm introduction, whereby your introduction, our potential new client, is expecting our call, knows what we will be talking to them about and is happy to take our call.  It is as simple as that.

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