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We have been providing energy procurement and consultancy services to property management companies for many years. We service large multi-tenanted industrial units, office complexes and shopping centres for our property management clients, as well as assisting managing agents with their residential blocks. In 2010 we were introduced to ARMA by a managing agent client of ours and we offered to deliver CPD training to the ARMA membership on utility buying and management. After being vetted, we began delivering annual courses and as a result of our proving the depth of our knowledge in this very specific area, Full Power have became the broker of choice to over a third of ARMA’s members.


In 2016, ARMA sought a formal partner to deliver 'ARMA Energy', and initiative for ARMA members to benefit from:

1. The use of a vetted, professional utility brokerage.
2. The collective buying power of the ARMA membership to drive down utility costs.

Full Power was chosen as that partner and since 2016 we have been working very closely with suppliers to tailor their processes and systems to compliment those of managing agents and property management companies. We know more than anyone how time-consuming utility management can be, so we are continuously working to streamline and automate the process as much as possible, whilst keeping costs down.
"ARMA Energy was launched in 2016 as a means of helping our 300 members to reduce the administration and risk in managing their energy portfolios, as well as getting their 1 million clients a better deal. It has been a great success, growing faster than we expected and this is in no small part due to Full Powe Utilities focus on customer service. This ensures our members receive friendly and professional advice right from the start. We look forward to working together with Full Power, as ARMA Energy continues to lead the way in energy procurement and management."
- Nigel Glen, CEO ARMA
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